Commanding the Troops

CUTLINE: Head Coach Michael Palmer, for the Alvirne varsity boys soccer team, directs from left, Mike Carpenter, unidentified JV goalkeeper, Kurt Higgins, Evan LaRoche and varsity keeper Aaron Fellows before their matchup against Nashua High School North at Alvirne. Palmer is in his first year as head coach after a disappointing 3-11 last season. The Broncos edged the Titans 3-2.

TECH SPECS: f/2.8, 1/2000, ISO 400, 28mm

THOUGHTS: I was on assignment to photograph this new head coach as well as peak action from the game. I was looking for something fresh, layered, and a moment. This kinda fell together for a split second and I grabbed it. I was reminded of my Eddie Adams Workshop experience where sometimes the most subtle moment can be story-telling. Although this is not the strongest moment in the world I felt it to be quirky enough to be interesting. All the players, except the keepers, are touching their lips. I find it odd that the coach was directing from his chair much like a film director. In the end they won, whatever works.


2 Responses to “Commanding the Troops”

  1. Just a little side note, as an extremely animated coach I try to start all the games from the chair or bench as to not get the team to amped up to early, as to the reason that the players were “touching their lips” in new hampshire high school soccer players must wear mouth gaurds, if you look in the picture most of them are taking the mouth gaurds out. It may have seemed odd to you but a better term might have been different as odd many times indicated wrong.

  2. No. Odd just means irregular or not commonplace or out of the ordinary. I’m quite positive it does not infer “wrong.” Because I’ve shot hundreds of soccer games, and to think you are the first do so, beyond a bench is, yes, odd. With that said, would you agree?

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