CUTLINE: Nashua South’s Brian Goleman blocks a shot from Pinkerton’s Donald Dane Wednesday, Sept. 3 at Nashua High School South. The Astros edged out the Panthers 3-2.

TECH SPECS: f/2.8, 1/3200, ISO 100, 300mm

THOUGHTS: While I wish the ball was in his hands at this moment, that wasn’t the case. I have the frame a nano second before this frame and it’s totally different. Doesn’t even remotely have this same feel. So not to take away from this moment, I wish it was more, despite its raw power. I saw this coming and was really prepared for this collision, probably moreso than the other goalie moments I have from this take, I don’t know why. But as sports action happens I always hear the words the great Rick Rickman talked about at the Missouri Photoworkshop in 2005, “You have to anticipate, anticipate, anticipate.” Overall I’m pleased from this frame, I think it does the moment justice. However, I’ll be looking for more in the future and know there are better goalie moments. Thanks Mr. Rickman.

P.S. Is it just me or is Goleman one of the best goalie names to have of all time? I was wondering the whole game, “Maybe he became a keeper because his whole life everyone kept saying, ‘Hey great soccer name.'”


2 Responses to “Denied”

  1. great shot!
    and yes, Goleman is definitely the best name for a keeper. love it.

  2. This really is a nice shot! Goalkeepers are always the hardest to get a good picture of. They are never close to you, the intensity of their play is so short lived that it is always hard to capture. Often, they are also faced away from you, have other players in the way, or have their hands and arms up in front of their faces. You did a great job with this one.

    He did not become a goalkeeper because of his name, but the irony of his name has not gone unnoticed my his teammates. (Brian’s dad)

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