Smoke Break

CUTLINE: Kwang Ho Sohn takes a smoke break while creating his angelic sculptures adjacent to his tailor shop Aug. 26 in Nashua. Sohn had moved from Keene four years earlier and has been acclaimed by his work.

BACK STORY: Kwang Ho Sohn has been making angels for a little under a decade. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, an acclaimed fashion designer, he turned his sights to the States and concentrating his soul to plaster and copper mesh life-sized creations. His angels are unique and has been acclaimed by magazines and press. However, Sohn is quite quiet about raising attention to himself and his creations. He says he’s in it for himself and amid the 42 produced is more interested in reaching his goal of 100 and creating a museum dedicated to his collection.

TECH SPECS: f/2.8, 1/30, IS0 1250, 22mm

THOUGHTS: I met Sohn when I was passing downtown in my car to see his museum-like tailor shop. I had passed by his shop hundreds of times but didn’t actually stop until a few weeks ago on Aug. 8. I found out he was a shy, hard-working, wonderful Korean man with a gift and passion for creating with his hands. Originally a fashion designer, he makes angelic creations that people all over town come to see. I was pleased when I saw this shot. I had about three smoking shots from this take and really liked the complimentary colors involved. In the end this was used in the closer for my still slideshow.

THOUGHTS ON THE VIDEO (posting later): I wasn’t quite certain how this production would all lay out in the end. To be quite honest, after reviewing the images with Don, my editor, he was pleased with the images but not sure about the audio. My microphone’s cord busted during the first take and I had to scramble for a quick interview on Wednesday. Luckily I was able to come up with a solution despite me not having an ounce of b-roll to show for it. I had to listen to the track about five times before I could grammatically decypher all that was said. In the end I think his broken English adds to the unique nature of his character and his creations. Such a wonderful man. I’m honored to have told his story.


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