Wide Right. Leap. Goal.

CUTLINE: Nashua South’s Brian Goleman can’t stop a goal from Exeter Tuesday, Sept. 30 at Nashua High School South. Exeter edged South 2-1.

TECH SPECS: f/2.8, 1/3200, ISO 400, 300mm

THOUGHTS: I was really focusing on anticipation with this shot. The whole game I kept going back to Rick Rickman’s philosophy on, “…anticipate, anticipate, anticipate.” Those words kept echoing in my mind this day. Because I have to admit I have been off my A-game in shooting sports lately, well at least fallen from the high standards I adhere to. So today I just said to myself, “Corey, It’s not like you can see the future but you can prepare yourself for the moment.” That old Think Tank Photo slogan, “Be ready before the moment,” really is true.  The days I am off I notice myself being behind the play, reacting to what’s in front of me rather than using a heighten sensitivity to my surroundings to what is going to happen next. Sports being the most predictable there really is no excuse.

This shot came off of a goal kick, which yeah, makes it a lot more achievable but it was a nice frame when I looked at the LCD. I thought it would be the frame that he was stopping that would possibly be published but I liked the relationship of the eyes to the ball. The flying in the air and still eying that ball says a lot. I was happy with the composition too, something I’ve been focusing on a lot more lately. Editing with my feet has been a bigger focus ever since switching to mostly prime lenses for daily work. In the end this will most likely make it’s way into the portfolio of my sports work since I have zero soccer in there right now.

This blog has been interesting so far because people that I shoot get a chance to see my photographic thoughts and talk with me on assignment. Brian Goleman’s father came up to me and mentioned that this thoughts section was interesting. I told him to look tomorrow, this image would be up. Despite this being a shot scored on, what do you think Mr. Goleman?


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