VB Jube

CUTLINE: Nashua North’s Dominika Legatova lets out a hearty yell with her teammates after winning a point over Bishop Guertin Wednesday, Oct. 1 at Bishop Guertin High School. The Titans edged the Cardinals 3-2.

TECH SPECS: f/2.0, 1/320 (two remote Alienbee B800’s at full power bounced off ceiling), ISO 125, 85mm

THOUGHTS: This is a pretty standard jube shot. However, I was excited to use my new 85mm lens to see how it would handle for sports. My overall analysis is it handled very good. Sometimes it was hard to nail the focus tack tack sharp in a moments notice but when you did nail it, the frame was h-a-w-t.

This was my first time shooting on strobes for sports in quite awhile. I was not as rusty as I thought. Overall I was pleased with this moment. It’s got nice enegy with good supporting elements in the blurred background. If I had to be nit picky I’d like all the hands in the background shown but nonetheless a good moment. Not a portfolio keeper but worthy for strong daily work.



5 Responses to “VB Jube”

  1. great light, great moment. how far were the strobes from the ceiling? were they clamped on the rafters or on stands on the ground?

  2. The lights were clamped on rails of the rafters using magic arms. One was clamped near center court and the other was at the end of the gym both on the same side I was shooting. The gym is usually a dungeon but if you light it properly the wooden ceiling gives off a nice orange glow. For some reason though, my 2.8 lenses did not have the nice rich look as my prime 1.8 lenses or wider. Weird, huh?

  3. great moment and composition

  4. I LOVE this picture! You definitely have a knack of capturing emotion at the perfect time.

  5. I really like your combination of strobes and a fast lens. There’s a huge difference between the look of pictures at 2.8 versus photos shot at 1.8 or 2.0. (And between the the look of pictures at ISO 125 instead of 1600.)

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