CUTLINE: David Quinn wrestles with his son Corey, 11, after work while, from left, his wife Gina, Carli, 9, and Cally, 16, look on, at their home Oct. 2 in Hollis. The family will be aired tomorrow night on the CBS show “Supernanny,” after spending two weeks in March with nanny Jo Frost. The premise of the show is to help mend dysfunctional families. “I think the kids, and I know Gina and I, have really benefitted from her.”

TECH SPECS: f/2.8, 1/100, ISO 800, 24mm

THOUGHTS: When I found this moment I was kinda so so on it. Quite honestly I wish other moments had held up better, but my poor execution, mostly focus issues, left me with this as the front runner. Those f/1.4 prime lenses are tough but I am determined to “get to know my new equipment.” Nonetheless, I forge ahead.

Looking at this image again and again it really says what this family is all about. Slightly chaotic/busy but fun and loving at the same time. I think we as American households aren’t too far off from this image. The Quinn family were humble and kind enough to let ABC and The Telegraph into their home to document. I know they will turn out for the better in the years to come.


One Response to “dysFUNctional”

  1. once again, you have come up with a brilliant slug. i like the elements and composition, but i think i’m with you… i want to see what else you shot from this.
    thanks for the plug to The ABC. 😉
    i heart jo frost.

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