Babe Ruth’s Daughter

CUTLINE: Julia Ruth Stevens, center, of Ariz., daughter of legendary Yankees baseball player Babe Ruth, holds up Maddix Newton, 3 months, of Milford, with his grandmother Mary Seagroves of Lyndborough, left, while Glenna Mori directs to pose for a picture Saturday, Oct. 4 in Milford. Stevens came for over an hour to sign her newly authored book book Babe Ruth: Remembering the Bambino in Stories, Photos & Memorabilia. Dozens came out to see her and talk with the living legend. “I do this to keep his name alive,” Stevens said.

TECH SPECS: f/1.8, 1/2000, ISO 100, 24mm

THOUGHTS: I wasn’t sure what to think before going to cover this book signing in a little shop in Milford. To my surprise, the crowded little store revealed a wonderful little lady with rich stories and a packed house of eager Ruth fans. I wasn’t initially going to do any multimedia but as I investigated her and heard her talking with the people it was too rich a history to pass up. Besides, she is 92 and I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

My face beamed as she relayed stories to me. I asked her about how her father was as a person, dating, her thoughts of him in pop culture, the called shot and others. In the end I felt as if I had talked to the legend himself. So far this has been the best interview I’ve appreciated.

As for the photo, it really is nothing all that great but it struck a chord with me as a fun moment revealing her personality and character. I love the lady off to the right directing.

I walked away today knowing the Great Bambino a little bit more and know whenever I hear or talk about him I will smile and think about Julia and this day.

AUDIO: Julia Ruth Stevens: Remembering the Great Bambino


2 Responses to “Babe Ruth’s Daughter”

  1. Awesome. I’m so glad this was such a great interview for you!!!! And GREAT SHOT! It really brings the excitement of The Babe to life.

    p.s. I heart Baby Ruth’s peanuts and nougat

  2. Ha ha, you said, “Nougat.”

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