CUTLINE: Jennifer Dahl stands in the backyard of her heat-damaged apartment Thursday, Oct. 23 in Nashua. On Sunday, Oct. 19, a three-alarm blaze occurred next door destroying two apartments. Her landlord surveyed the damaged and assessed her apartment as “habitable.” However, since, Jennifer, her husband, and three girls have been experiencing breathing problems, vomiting, anxiety and/or insomnia. “They are trying to insinuate it (the fire) was our fault,” Dahl said. “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever been through.”

TECH SPECS: f/5.6, 1/320, ISO 400, 24mm

THOUGHTS: When I first met up with Jennifer she seemed a little down about her house. Who wouldn’t? Her situation was not pleasant. She showed me her back porch area and I saw how bad the heat damage really was, it was bad. I thought it was crazy what her landlord was saying that the place was “habitable.” Our recent coverage of slum lords printed in the graph should have included their landlord. I felt terrible for the Dahl’s misfortune. So I wanted to show the detail in the side of the house. Jennifer didn’t really want to look at the camera, she seemed pretty bummed. Again, I don’t blame her. In the take, I think this frame said it all.The resulting photo ended up in a half-real moment, intended portrait. These are some of the best portraits because they contain the emotion of the moment with the information to wrap around that emotion. The light was nice so I worked with it to my favor. They will be in my prayers.

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