It’s Allright

CUTLINE: From left, Steve Dahl, comforts his daughters, Emily, 1, and Angelica, 3,  and Bethany, 11, Thursday, Oct. 23 at their home in Nashua. Last Sunday, the family experienced the next door neighbor’s apartment burning, causing heat damage to their home. According to Steve, the two youngest girls have been emotionally traumatized from seeing the flames and firefighters breaking down their door. The Dahl’s have put up black trash bags over their windows so the girls don’t have to be reminded of the charred remains a few feet from their apartment. All day I hear, ‘People are coming, people are coming in,’ or ‘Save me, protect me daddy,'” Steve said. “They are so traumatized they now run in circles when someone comes to the door, not knowing where to be safe.”

TECH SPECS: f/1.4, 1/85, ISO 800, 24mm

THOUGHTS: This is from the same series as the previous fire photograph portrait. Again, my heart goes out to this family and people in such unfortunate circumstances. While I wish I had less noise in the photo and a touch more depth of field, it summed up pretty well. The emotion and mood of the family was startled and skiddish. The kids were afraid to even be near me because I was a stranger. Let us all keep these and others in our prayers.

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2 Responses to “It’s Allright”

  1. This breaks my heart 😦

  2. great blog. can you shoot me an email with a bit on how to get started customizing on the wordpress? i love this theme. hook it up duder!

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