Bio: Corey Perrine

Found surviving off habanero peppers in an ancient Guatemalan insane asylum, Corey, 5, was found with unknown origins by a half-dozen explorers. All that was with him at the time of the discovery, was a camera in one hand and a voodoo doll in the other. Adopted by parents in the States, when he wasn’t putting a hex on another playmate, he was channeling the fire in his belly into images. Some claimed inspiration from heartburn, others figured it was dumb luck.

At 29, he is currently working for The (Nashua) Telegraph in New Hampshire where he is a staff photojournalist with the second largest daily in the state. Before that he worked for a group of dailies (The Dispatch Tribune, Liberty Tribune, Raytown Tribune and The Wednesday) in Kansas City, Mo. as well as freelancing for The Kansas City Star. Before that he was a student at Brigham Young University where he received his BFA in Photography. Before that he was a Latter-Day Saint missionary to the Oregon Eugene Mission. Before that he worked for the student-run publication, The Daily Universe. Before that he was a Entertainment writer and cartoonist for Robert E. Lee High School, The Lance. Before that he was a kid with grass stains on his knees, Twizzlers in his pocket and not a care in the world. Before that he was a fetus. Before that he was among six million battling out for the job of Corey Perrine. Before that he was waiting in line in heaven to come to earth. Before that he was intelligent matter floating out in space probably around the time of the big bang.

Corey is addicted to light, sound, laughter, eyes, music, people and stories. If he’s not behind a lens scheming his visual empire, he’s chillin’ out to a movie, The Simpsons, working out, eating or home sleeping.


One Response to “Bio: Corey Perrine”

  1. Hey Corey,

    I’m a photo j student at Ohio University. I was just wondering if the Nashua Times is offering a summer photo internship. If so, when are portfolios due?

    Drew Angerer

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